Google giving money back to people who already bought the Pixel 4?

Google giving money back to people who already bought the Pixel 4?
Google's Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL launched a little over a month ago with the price tags of $799 for the smaller model and $899 for its big sibling. These prices don't sound too crazy in the mobile marketplace of 2018 and 2019, but they didn't look too good when Apple's very successful iPhone 11 launched for just $699 prior to Google's flagships. Naturally, with all the promotions in the end of November, the Pixel 4's price tag got slashed as well. By about $200, too, which suddenly made it much more attractive.

But what if you already bought the Pixel 4 at full price? What if you are one of those fans that wants the phone on launch day? Sure, there's absolutely nothing wrong in supporting a product that you believe in at its full price, but when that price drops just a month after release, you may feel a bit cheated.

Well, it seems that Google may be willing to extend a gesture of good will to said super-fans. Now, at this point, this is just hearsay. However, tech YouTuber Brandon Lee has tweeted that a couple of his contacts were brave enough to ask Google for some kind of refund. As far as we understand, said customers were part of the pre-order squad for the Pixel 4 line. Google has, reportedly, refunded them $100 so they don't feel burned by the recent discounts. So hey — if you were an early adopter, you may want to give it a go?

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