Google details the 10 billion downloads Android Market growth in an infographic

Google details the 10 billion downloads Android Market growth in an infographic
Google’s celebrations of 10 billion downloads on the Android Market have just begun with massive app discounts, but now the search giant is releasing an inside looks at how people use the Market. 

The infographic on the right visually sums up the couple of years of growth for Google’s platform and its apps, showing the huge growth recently. App downloads have nearly doubled in the last six months from 6 billion to 10 billion.

Interestingly, there are some countries where apps are more than just an occasional download - they’re a craze. You think the US is there? Of course it is, but there are countries even more crazed about apps than the States - South Korea is the one where the app hype has reached its peak, followed by Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The infographic also shows which app category is the most popular one and what kind of games are the most downloaded ones on the platform. And if you’ve ever been curious about that and how many miles have been navigated on Google Maps or how much would you need to pay if you transferred your Asphalt driving habits to the streets, now, you have the answers. Hit the graphic on the right to get them and the source for more information.


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