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Google celebrates Pi Day with a special easter egg

Google celebrates Pi Day with a special easter egg
Today is Pi Day! The date, March 14, corresponds with the mathematical constant π (or pi), which represents the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Worldwide, math lovers are celebrating by baking pi(e)s and reciting as many digits of pi as they can remember.

Google is getting in on the fun to help you do that last one, with a limited-edition easter egg appearing in its search engine. To access it, just search “calculator” or a mathematical equation, such as “3 +4”. A calculator module will pop up above any search results as normal, but a sparkling π symbol also appears in the upper right.

Click that icon to play a simple game as Google taps out digits of π for you to follow along. Digits of pi appear highlighted in blue and then vanish, challenging you to type it out exactly as displayed.

Each time you succeed in getting the sequence right, one more digit is added. Tap the wrong key, and you have to go all the way back to the beginning, starting at three digits. I got as far as fifteen digits before the hour of sleep lost to Daylight Savings kicked in.

Though Google didn’t exactly mention an end date for this easter egg, we imagine it will disappear tomorrow, so shoot your shot while you can. π is an irrational number with infinite digits, so the game never ends, but see how far you get and flex your score below!
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