Google brings Slides to mobile, enables native document editing

There was no shortage of major and minor announcements at the Google I/O opening keynote. Among the latter was the introduction of a native mobile Google Slides application, which is a slideshow editor and alternative to Microsoft's PowerPoint. This is actually the third app part of the Google Docs suite which Google is launching in native form on smartphones and tablets. About a couple of months ago, Docs and Sheets were released on Android and iOS, enabling users to edit documents and spreadsheets on their mobile devices. 

Speaking of Docs, Google announced that through partnering up with QuickOffice, it has enabled native document, spreadsheet, and slideshow editing on mobile devices. Previously, document files in Word's .docx format had to be converted to a Docs file in order to be edited and were then converted back while saving. It was noted that we'll have the option to pick whether a document is saved in a format for Microsoft Office/OpenOffice or as a Google Docs file. In addition, Google's office pack is getting enhanced collaboration features, allowing people to add comments and recommend edits.

For more news from the ongoing conference, take a look at our extensive Google I/O coverage.



5. rihel_95

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spams. Hate it.

8. livyatan

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This is perhaps the biggest part of the Google's story from today

9. Furbal unregistered

Yeah this is a pretty big deal to a lot of people I know

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