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Google adds two new commercials to the "Calling all..." series

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Google adds two new commercials to the
The Galaxy Nexus has gotten two more TV ads to add to the pile. The new ads show off Face Unlock and more amateur musicians using Google+ Hangouts, and are definitely looking good. These two commercials bring the running total to 4 commercials for the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich. The first time we saw the "Calling all..." series, we got an overview of Android 4.0, and then we started digging into the features. Next brought "social MCs" to Hangouts, and this time we get Face Unlock and bohemians on Hangout.

We're a little more preferential to the Face Unlock commercial, because it's kind of funny. We're still not sold on modern "bohemians", but the second commercial is about what you'd expect. Google is really pushing the music options with Hangouts, but we'd rather see more of the social MCs. Still, some solid new commercials from Google.

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