Google X Lab to unveil a "moonshot" later this year

Google X Lab to unveil a "moonshot" later this year
Google's X Lab is sort of the focused incarnation of Larry Page's "iterate fast and break things" philosophy of development. The X Lab is where you find the most ambitious products, but also the most secretive, because failing is an important part of the process. Now, head of the X Lab, Astro Teller, has teased a new "moonshot" coming from the team later this year.

Although, the term "moonshot" could be interpreted a number of ways, it seems to us to just be a reference to the rumor that the X Lab was trying to build a ladder to the moon. The rumor was completely false, but the idea of "shooting for the moon" became something of a "mascot" to the team, according to Teller. The only information that Teller would give on the project is that it is "related to control systems". 

Other than that, he just said that Larry Page told the team when he approved the project to work so fast that they "break 5 prototypes". That's quite a pace.

What do you guys think Google X Lab could be working on?

source: The Next Web
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