Google Play Store may hit China in early 2016

Google Play Store may hit China in early 2016
One of Google's biggest competitors to Android is actually Android, because there is the Google version of Android that includes Google Apps and Play services, but then there is also AOSP which can be used anywhere by anyone and some companies have built very big businesses off of AOSP, especially in places like China and Russia. Well, Google reportedly has a plan to change that in China.

This is especially big news because Google notably pulled Search from China and has not had a localized version of any Google product in China since 2010. But, according to a new report, Google is planning to launch the Google Play Store in China in 2016 sometime after Chinese New Year in February, but before early summer. 

Interestingly, the report claims that Google Play in China would be specifically designed for China and would not be connected to the current international version of Google Play. Allegedly, Google will even comply with Chinese laws regarding filtering (aka censoring) content within the Play Store. It is unclear if Google would bring the full suite of apps and Play services or not. 

Google has reportedly wanted to get back into the Chinese market and is planning to slowly bring products back to the region. Apparently, the call of the yuan and over 1.3 billion people is hard to resist. 

source: Reuters
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