Google Play Newsstand finally comes to iOS to replace Currents

Google Play Newsstand finally comes to iOS to replace Currents
Ten months ago, Google killed off its Currents app and Play Magazines app, and replaced them with the Play Newsstand app. At least, that's what happened on Android. For whatever reason, Google has left the Apple world behind on this switch over until now. Today, Google has finally brought Newsstand to iOS.

This also means that the Currents app for iOS is dying. If you have it installed, you'll get a prompt to install the new Newsstand app. Interestingly, despite the fact that Newsstand app is new on iOS, it is coming in at version 3.0. The app is well done, as you might expect, but it isn't quite optimized for the new iPhone 6 Plus. It offers the same RSS news feeds as on Android, but because of the iOS rules, it does not include any magazine subscriptions. You can bookmark stories, and there is even support for audio and video from certain publications. 

Basically, the app is about the same as what you'd find on Android (which is why we've put the Android video below.) It is available now for iPhone and iPad, and it requires iOS 7 or higher. It's a solid alternative to something like Flipboard, if you're looking for a news reader app. 

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