Google Pixel 3 XL plays HDR video in 1440p at 60fps

Google Pixel 3 XL plays HDR video in 1440p at 60fps
There are a few things you'll find on the Google Pixel 3 XL that you won't see on the Pixel 3, Pixel 2 or the Pixel 2 XL. Besides the notch, of course. One is 1440p HDR video playback at 60 frames per second. You won't find this on the Pixel 3 or Pixel 2 because both sport a 1080p screen, and it is not offered on last year's Pixel 2 XL. All of these phones max out HDR playback at 1080p60fps.

You might recall that last year Google removed 1440p HDR video playback from the YouTube app as there were complaints about dropped frames. This year, the Alphabet unit brought back 1440p HDR video playback on handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+ and the Galaxy Note 9.

A Redditor shared an HDR video that those toting the aforementioned Samsung models and the Pixel 3 XL can view in 1440p. Even if you don't own a phone that plays HDR video at 1440p, you're sure to enjoy the quality of the clip. You can find that video by tapping on this link.

source: Reddit via AndroidPolice

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