Four dozen banks in the United States are getting Google Pay support

Four dozen banks in the United States are getting Google Pay support
Google Pay has been making huge strides towards full market coverage in the United States by adding support for a plethora of banks and financial institutions. We've been reporting about the new names on the Google Pay list for quite a while now, but few times the list contained such a high number of banks.

Apparently, in the last month or so, Google has been able to add Pay support for no less than 48 banks in the United States, AndroidPolice reports. Although some of the banks on the list might not have enabled Google Pay support yet, they will do it for sure in the coming weeks.

Google Pay and Apple Pay are the main mobile payment services in the United States, but there's no race between the two giants behind these services as they are aimed at different customers. Long story short, you can find the list of those 48 banks and financial institutions that received Google Pay support below, while the full list can be found here.



1. tokuzumi

Posts: 1918; Member since: Aug 27, 2009

I've still preferred using Samsung Pay. Mimicking a physical card swipe is preferable here, because it doesn't require the retailer to have any special hardware. There are plenty of retailers that do not support Google Pay, but have Apple Pay. Samsung pay will work on all swipe style machines (at least in the US). No need to ask "Do you support Apple/Google Pay?" Not sure how well Samsung Pay works with those Square style POS machines that use a dongle plugged into a headphone jack, though.

2. applesnapple93

Posts: 312; Member since: Jan 06, 2016

Not sure what retailer you've been too. Everywhere I've been takes all Apple, Google and Samsung. Or only Samsung. I've found Apple and Google pay have identical support.

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