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Google Nexus S Ninja unboxing

Google Nexus S Ninja unboxing
We all know that only a ninja can beat another ninja. But what if we have the mighty Black Ninja in the same room with a White Ninja and a Red Ninja. Then, my friends, a battle ensues. A battle for the Holy Grail of Android phones - the Google Nexus S - the first of its kin with the sweet Gingerbread.

More or less that is the story of a brilliantly made YouTube video, where the three ninjas hop and somersault all over the screen, in the quest to unbox a Google Nexus S. It might be a clever marketing ploy to hype El Goog's flagship Android handset, which is hitting the stores today, but is hilarious nonetheless.

Hit the YouTube link below for some laughs, since it is not embeddable. The fun part - the movie has several endings. Enjoy!

source: YouTube via IntoMobile

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