Google Nexus 7 has small but promising share of tablet based web traffic

Google Nexus 7 has small but promising share of tablet based web traffic
The Apple iPad has a huge share of the tablet based web market. The latest report from Chikita shows that in July, the Apple iPad controlled 91.07% of tablet based web traffic. That is an outrageous figure for a device with as many competitors as Apple's tablet has. Actually, the July figure reflects a small decline in the iPad's web traffic from the 91.41% share it had in June. Is this enough of a decline for Apple to panic? Hardly.

One of the reasons that the Cupertino based firm introduced the Apple iPad mini on Tuesday is the success that Google has been having with its low-priced 7 inch tablet, the Asus built Google Nexus 7. But to illustrate how far the Google Nexus 7 has to go to really challenge the iPad, the Android tablet accounts for just .33% of tablet based web traffic. Still, there is promise there. According to Chikita, the .33% share owned by the Google Nexus 7 in July reflected the largest share of web traffic scored by a new tablet in its first month following launch since, well, the Apple iPad. Since July, the Google Nexus 7 has seen a 135% gain in web share which strongly supports the rising popularity of the tablet.

Another interesting note from Chikita relates to the Barnes and Noble Nook which is now the third most popular Android tablet based on web usage, leaping over the Asus Transformer Pad and the Toshiba Thrive. And outside of the Apple iPad, the Samsung GALAXY Tab has generated 2.5% of tablet based web traffic after a leading .52% gain in July.

It should be interesting to see if the Microsoft Surface tablets show up in Chikita's reports once they are launched on Friday.

source: Chikita via CNET, AndroidAuthority

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