Google Maps for Android updated with custom location stickers

Google Maps for Android updated with custom location stickers
Google Maps is, like most of the search giant's foremost apps, the subject of regular updates. Often, a new version will add crucial functionality, enhance usability, or fix pre-existing bugs and flaws. Today, though, the Big G has pushed an update for Maps on Android of a very lighthearted nature. For now, if you so desire, you can decorate your work, home and other important locations with eye-catching stickers, with choices ranging from igloos to treehouses. 

The wider aim of these little stamps of laughter is to encourage users to tag their most important locations in the first place. When this info is made available to Maps, it can then offer a user various useful information, such as public transport updates in real time. Though work and home would be the two major points of interest to most users, any significant location can be marked with ease. Whether it be the gym, a close friend's house or your favorite burger joint, Maps can offer all kinds of useful navigational information on your saved destinations, which may then be beautified with an optional sticky label.

A basic star for every location was, let's be honest, getting a little bit mundane. With stickers, it'll be much easier to differentiate between those favorite locations, while also letting you pretend that you live in a castle, a house-sized shoe or a submarine. 

A good update all round, then! 



1. Adreno

Posts: 755; Member since: Mar 12, 2016

Wow, nice. But will there be same update on iOS?

2. emmawilliam834

Posts: 241; Member since: Feb 09, 2016

is it possible to get more than one home and work address?

3. Kary1

Posts: 300; Member since: Jun 26, 2015

Yes, it was so hard to differentiate between different locations on a map. If only you could tell by looking at the map where each location was! /sarc

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