Google Maps adds indoor maps for CES

Google Maps adds indoor maps for CES
It hasn't been too long since Google added indoor maps to Google Maps on Android. So far, it has only been used for indoor navigation in some malls and airports, but Google wants to help you find your way around CES as well, so it has added indoor maps of the convention center. 

Anyone who has ever been to CES (or seen pictures) knows that the convention center is something of a gong show. It is huge, and has tons of presenters showing off almost anything that you can imagine (within the world of electronics of course). So, this is actually some pretty big news, especially because the new indoor maps for CES even feature booth-to-booth navigation to help you find your way around. 

The entire showroom floor has been indexed, and you can even cache the area for offline use (as if there is somewhere at CES without connectivity). All you need is an Android device with Google Maps v.6 and you should be good to go. 

source: SlashGear


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