Google Maps Navigation now works in the UK

Google Maps Navigation now works in the UK
We have already reported on the free navigation that Google offers via the function with the same name in Google Maps for Android. Until now, however, it was only accessible from the US... at least officially, since people have been able to unlock it in other countries with a special hack for some time now.

As of today, UK-based customers no longer need to resort to such a roundabout approach to tackle the issue and all they need is Google Maps version 4.1.0 or newer (the latest is 4.1.1 and was released earlier today). The good news is Google Maps Navigation is compatible with all Android OS versions from 1.6 onwards and according to some posts at xda-developers, it will never work with Android 1.5 due to insurmountable software limitations. 

Owners of high-tech models like the Google Nexus One and HTC Desire will be able to take advantage of voice commands to control the software and make it guide them towards their destination. The function has to be additionally activated on the HTC Desire, although it's enabled by default with the Nexus One.

We do hope Google intends to make its free navigational software available to all customers around the world, because this is an extra feature that can truly make Android handsets even more appealing and attractive to the wide audience.

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