Google Maps 5.2 ready to be installed on your Android device

Google Maps 5.2 ready to be installed on your Android device
Once again, Google has raised the bar with Google Maps, updating the application to version 5.2. With the upgrade you can now tweet all of your Hotpot pals and your friends using Google apps, sending out your review and recommendation of a location., Simply use the Google ratings widget and choose Post review to Twitter. You will be able to preview your tweet and send out your opinion to all of your Google-using pals with Twitter.

Starting Friday, if you need to contact a nearby Google Latitude friend that shows up on the map and want to find out their location, you can "ping" them instead of sending a text or email. Your friend will receive a notification from you, asking them to check in at a specific place. When they do check in, you will receive a notification in return so you will know where to meet your buddy.

Finally, the "Search More Places" option will look for more locations beyond those listed from your original search. In big cities with many places for you and your friends to enjoy yourselves, this option will certainly come in handy.

You can upgrade your Google Maps for free right from the Android Market.

source: GoogleMobileBlog



1. messiah

Posts: 438; Member since: Feb 19, 2010

Ping me eh? How incredibly irritating to have friends "ping" and demand my location..... This socially networking thing is becoming incredibly taxing on my leisure time and privacy.... Please , someone, we need apps to DISAPPEAR, or to make others become less annoying.

2. bling bling unregistered

take the battery off and you will get your privacy

3. jayme

Posts: 36; Member since: Jan 10, 2011

you shouldnt use things that communicate if you want privacy. dudes right, just power down and go off the grid. have fun!

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