Google Drive update makes file sharing easier

Sharing files on Google Drive is as easy as a few taps or clicks. Where it gets tricky, however, is actually sharing the right information with the right people, and ensuring that all of them have access to it. All of them. This may not sound like a big problem, but believe me, when it comes to spreading files down a chain of 40 people, things can get messy. That's why, following its own example with Gmail and Calendar, Google has updated its "Access checker" tool to make the process easier.

With the new update, it is now easier to see who needs access to files on Google Drive. This means that you’ll now see the names or email addresses of people who don’t currently have access to the file in the Access checker interface. Furthermore, Access checker will anticipate who needs access to a file and intelligently default to sharing with those recipients only, Google says.

"You can share with these intelligent default settings in just one click, or choose a different sharing option for the file. Before, the default share option was “turn link sharing on.” We hope this change makes it easier for you to ensure that only the right people have permission to access your files."

Other than that, Google Drive has also been updated to support more file types.

source: Google


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