Google Chrome is about to prevent malicious ads from vibrating your device

No one likes obtrusive and cancerous full-screen ads that take you out of your sweet rapture by vibrating your whole device. Yeah, no one likes that, and one of the most popular browsers out and about–Google's Chrome–is about to do away with obtrusive ads.

This undoubtedly-beneficial change is part of the latest update to the beta version of Chrome's Android app, which means that a public rollout of this feature is expected to take place in the coming weeks. The regular Chrome browser is currently on version 59, while Chrome Beta is slightly ahead on version 60. What this new version of Chrome does is limit the ways developers can (ab)use the browser's Vibration API; now, a malware ad will be allowed to vibrate your device only if you explicitly interact with it.

Aside from that, the latest beta of the app has also scored a new context menu as well as a new file picker interface.

We can't wait for that change to roll out to the public variation of the browser, but until then, you'll have to get the beta version of Chrome to enjoy it.

Download Chrome Beta right here


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