Google Assistant will now give you good news if you ask for it

It seems that all we hear these days is bad news. And according to Google, with so many different platforms spewing out scary reports, human brains become fearful and anxious. People end up with a negative attitude about the world, focused more on problems instead of solutions. But there is good news being reported every day. We just don't get to hear about it because good news tends to be drowned out by bad news.

Google has a solution. Say to your Google Assistant enabled device, "Hey Google. Tell me something good," and you'll hear two to three sentences of good news. Called solutions journalism, these stories can lift you out of survival mode and get you thinking about solutions to problems instead of focusing on the problems themselves.

We just tested this out and heard a story from NPR about a 91% decline in homelessness achieved by the state of Utah over the last ten years. Those using a smartphone can learn more about these uplifting stories by tapping on a link to the published story provided by Google Assistant.

Want to hear some good news about good news? Simply click on the video found at the top of this article.

source: Google


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