Google Assistant lets you share web pages with a simple voice command

Google Assistant lets you share web pages with a simple voice command
An eagle-eyed Pixel owner has discovered a fun new Google Assistant feature that lets users share web articles on social media. We already told you about many of the things Google Assistant can and can’t do, but as more and more people get their hands on the Pixel phones, we will surely hear about other “hidden” talents of the AI assistant.

Google+ user Corey Stock has posted a video on the social network, showcasing his find by asking Google Assistant to share a Chrome web page to Google+. The article is then prepared for posting online, although the user needs to tap the screen at least two more times before it is on its way to the social network, which makes this feature dubiously convenient in its current form. Furthermore, voice sharing apparently works only with Google+ and Twitter right now, meaning you won’t be able to easily share links on Facebook, Gmail, Hangouts, Allo, or any other way. Given that Google Assistant was officially launched only recently, it wouldn’t be out of the question that Google is still testing a lot of things and that a lot more will be added and honed in future updates to the platform.

Did you also know that Google Assistant is the most contextually aware mobile AI assistant on the market right now, capable of understanding follow-up questions to previous queries without needing you to repeat all the details? To find out more about the AI bot and what’s so special about it, head over to our Google Assistant guide.

Source: Google+ via 9to5Google


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