Google Assistant is getting integration with a host of new third-party devices

The proliferation of Google Assistant to devices beyond smartphones and tablets commenced not long ago, as more companies release so-called “intelligent household appliances.”

Today, the search giant announced Google Assistant is integrated with a new range of third-party devices that should allow users to control lights, camera, and their entire homes through the digital assistant.

First of all, C by GE bulbs are now compatible with Google Assistant, which means you'll be able to light up, turn off or dim the lights in your home from any room.

Furthermore, Google Assistant and ecobee or Nest can make your room's temperature the way you like it. Bond, a company that makes fans, has added Google Assistant integration for its products too.

In the kitchen, Smarter and Whirlpool have adjusted their products to support Google Assistant, so you'll be able to control microwaves and ovens directly from your phone.

Many LG washers, dryers, vacuums and air conditioners feature Google Assistant integration as well. Finally, Logitech Circle is a camera system that allows you to keep an eye on your home when you're not around.

According to Google, these are just a few of the new integrations, but there are lots more ways to control cameras, lights, thermostats and other home appliances with Google Assistant.

source: Google



1. bfuller2006

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Gear S3 needs it

2. Xavier1415

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3. cmdacos

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Hmm I don't understand what's new with Nest. You could always use GA to adjust your temperature.

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