Give your brain an exercise with Ins and Outs – a casual puzzle game for iOS and Android

Give your brain an exercise with Ins and Outs – a casual puzzle game for iOS and Android
Got a few minutes to kill? Need something to get you distracted for a few moments? Well, we have just the thing - a casual puzzle game that's fun and even potentially addicting. Meet Ins and Outs.

The game is really, really simple to learn and play, but you'll still be required to put that grey matter to work in order to solve a level. Each stage is a board with tiles of two colors scattered around. Some are labeled as "ins", while the rest are the "outs". Your goal is to group the "ins" together by drawing a continuous line around them, thus leaving the "outs" outside of the marked area. Bonus points are awarded for clearing the level without lifting your finger off the screen.

There are hundreds of Ins and Outs puzzles of various difficulties that you can conquer at your own pace in singleplayer mode. For some extra challenge, feel free to race against the clock and beat as many puzzles as you can in one minute. Multiplayer is also an option. Just log in and dare your friends to beat your highscores.

Ins and Outs is free to play and we find it very entertaining as it is. It does generate revenue by displaying ads and offering in-app purchases, however. You have the option to buy extra puzzles or to get additional coins, which are used for unlocking clues and for removing tiles from the board. Thankfully, the virtual currency generates as you play so buying it is far from mandatory.

Developer: aukStudios LLCDownload: Android, iOS
Genre: Casual Puzzle gamePrice: Free (with in-app purchases)


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