Games like Battlefield for Android and iPhone


It's a non-disputable fact that Battlefield is one of the most successful franchises in the cut-throat scene of AAA games for PC and consoles. While it may have taken a slight step in the wrong direction with that title that shall not be named (yes, we are talking about Hardline), the Battlefield series is still well loved by its fans. The next installment is due to arrive in October of this year and gamers are already foaming at the mouth as it seems to be taking a back-to-roots approach to its gameplay, with stunning visuals to boot.

If you are among the gamers eagerly awaiting for the new Battlefield to hit shelves, you are probably also itching to play some bullet-riddled, soldier-FPS at all times — on the bus, at school, at work, or when visiting grandma's house. Unfortunately, Battlefield's charm — the massive online maps, filled with player-controllable vehicles — is pretty hard to capture on a mobile device as of yet. That said, however, we did manage to find some soldier games that may sate your FPS hunger while away from your at-home gaming machines. Check them out below!

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