Gameloft gives up on titles for Android

Gameloft gives up on titles for Android
Despite the overwhelming popularity that Android has managed to gain lately, apparently there are people who don´t feel as ecstatic about the platform. Gameloft is one of the game developers that doesn´t seem to have a thing for the Google-made OS and intends to close the books on any further development of titles for it. At a recent shareholder´s meeting, the CFO of the company stated that the game studio was simply not making enough money out of Android titles and the platform is not currently as mature as, say, iPhone´s. Still, we need to emphasize that about 13% of Gameloft´s total revenues are currently income from games for Android... but obviously this is not nearly enough.

Fortunately, there are quite a few other developers that will continue to back up Android. One of them is Moblyng that always releases new titles for the open source operating system first. We´ve got good news coming from the largest mobile entertainment company as well, according to a high-ranking executive of EA Mobile, titles like Surviving High School and Spore Origins for Android are coming soon. We do hope more games are to follow suit, because the titles for Android-based handsets today are still rather unpolished alongside of what´s available for the iPhone.

source: VentureBeat



1. hkphooey

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Screw the French! FREEDOM FRIES YEAH!!!!!

2. arash84v

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I dont get the big fuss,...its just been a year with android coming out n know for mass production by other manufactures.these game companies want to win heart by over night,..remimber the 1st iphone that came out!!!It iphone had a long time to move up n apple to back it up.but lets give Android a chance.Im sure it will be sophisticated as Blackberry(email wise)and personalization will be strong as a Windows Mobile device. Cant wait to see the Sonyericsson Xperia X10 come out!!!!!

3. cdaquestions

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