Gallery: Upcoming Samsung phones for the US

Gallery: Upcoming Samsung phones for the US

We’ve got some updates on Samsung’s upcoming carrier phones, plus a number of new images, which, we hope, you may find interesting.

First, we are introducing you the clamshell for Alltel, SCH-R600 Hue II, and the AT&T slider SGH-A777. So far, the only information we could get our hands on is that the new Hue will offer removable covers and a 2-megapixel camera. As for A777, it is a mid-level phone with plenty of color options and a 1.3-megapixel camera.

We also have some new images showing AT&T’s Eternity A867 and T-Mobile’s Behold T919, both running the TouchWiz, which we have formerly seen in the Pixon and Delve. Previous information was pointing that A867’s camera should be 3MP one, but the new one is stating it will be capable of taking 5-megapixel pictures! Maybe AT&T demanded a 5MP phone, having in mind that T-Mobile’s T919 is also going to offer this resolution. We have some new shots of it as well, on which you can take a look at the phone’s browser.

Finally, here are three additional images of future Verizon Wireless phones: the Saga (I770), the OMNIA (I910) and the Renown (U810). You already know that the first two are smartphones using the Windows Mobile 6.1 OS and the third one will be a clamshell. Saga and Renown are global phones, supporting both CDMA and GSM.

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1. unregistered

Way to go Samsung.

13. unregistered

No their phone and their HD TVs too!

14. unregistered

oopss kidding..

2. vzw fanboy unregistered

the blue color of the I770 wasnt as ugly as i thought it was. either way the three new verizon phones will def boost verizons sales.

3. Jyakotu unregistered

Hm, for AT&T phones, the A777 actually looks kind of nice, but I'm over the slider phase. As for the A867, that's a nice looking device.

4. unregistered

I'll wait for the T*Omnia... better resolution. I heard 2nd Qtr of '09 ???

6. unregistered

Korea only my friend!

26. unregistered

nope VZ will have it by the middle of this month does anybody know if sprint too?

5. unregistered

Come on Verizon! When is the Omnia come out?!

7. unregistered

I am anxiously looking forward to this too,,,,

8. unregistered

Verizon has the omnia listed on its rebate forms now as we speak..............we hear this year but dont be suprised if it dont come out til first q of 09

9. unregistered

it will be out if its on the rebate forms. its also in the machines that do the content transfers, so its not going to be too much longer. got loaded in about a week after the storm software did.

10. unregistered

NO WAY?! I can't wait that long. I might have to go with the Storm if that's the case. Is that common for Verizon to do, list it on the rebate form and not release it for a while?

20. David A unregistered

No, they don't list phones on rebate forms if they aren't planning a release soon. #8 Doesn't know what he is talking about,

21. unregistered

Acutally he knows exactly what he's talking about, the rebate information shows for the phone on Verizon but thats it, BUT the rebate form is for releases in the 4th Quarter for Verizon. Calculate those Odds and add them with these new data requirements coming out and you have your self an Omnia in Q4...What I dont know is..Are we going to have the same 5mpx Cam they offerd over seas?Any chance of Wifi?

25. unregistered

I think #8 has a very good idea of what he is talking about. Just because it is on the rebate form, doesn't mean it's coming out in that period. Still crossing my fingers that it's before Christmas though.

11. rubi76 unregistered

mmmm Where are the shots with the T919's browser? I only see the main shot with all the phones....

12. unregistered

the pic shows it with the browser opened

15. unregistered

I want the samsung 919

16. Armo unregistered

the eternity does not have a 5mp cam. at least i think/hope. i think it doesnt because that would throw off iPhone sales even more. already its going to throw them off since it'll be cheaper and wont require a data plan but here in the US, 5mp cams on carriers is very rare, the only one there is is the moto zine with tmobile, so customers would be like "oh wow, it doesn everything the iPhone does, but with a better camera and for way cheaper". i hope it doesnt because that would throw off tmobile sales and would essentially make the eternity and behold the same minus the minor differences in looks.

17. Incu unregistered

when is the samsung eternity expected to come to at&t?

18. IamShawn unregistered

iphone sales SHOULD be thrown off because it needs to be updated already.

19. unregistered

The Eternity DOES have a 5 megapixel camera. I've seen one at a trade show a few weeks ago and it has a 5mp camera with flash.

22. unregistered

I wish At&t would announce release dates on there phones. I mean I have waited on the fuze for awhile and now i'm looking into this eternity but hardly any info is available as to when it will be released and even the fuze is just speculated to be launched on the 11th because for some reason at&t doesnt want to promote their phones.

23. unregistered

The Eternity manual states 3mp camera, not saying its accurate but usually thats the case. m=SGH-A867

24. unregistered

also it looks as if there is no autofocus or flash on the eternity from the user manual.

27. unregistered

does anyone know when the omnia releases for verizon?

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