Leaked Galaxy S9+ vs S8+ factory schematics solve the mystery of the thickening bezels


We had no reasons to doubt Mr Evan Blass (aka @evleaks) when he disclosed for us the purported official Galaxy S9 and S9+ renders, as he has been spot on since the days Samsung was using plastic housing for its flagships, but some were irked by the evidently thicker side bezels depicted by the renders.

The phones look almost like the new midrange A-series, rather than unchanged Galaxy S8 successor, and the side curve is much less evident than last year, for instance. We chalked it off to a different drawing perspective, but now another reputable leaker is clarifying why the S9 looks different at the front than the S8, all the while we were hearing that the design changes will mostly be reserved for the rear, where the finger scanner will be moved under the camera lens.

Mr Steve Hemmerstoffer, (aka @onleaks), has posted alleged factory CAD drawings of the finalized Galaxy S9+, compared to the schematics of the S8+. There, it is clearly visible that the sloping curve of the display edge is much more gradual than on the S8, starts sooner, but also merges sooner with the bezel, making it thicker than on the S8. 

What this would mean is that the S9 might not look as elegant as the S8, but it will be easier to grab and hold without inadvertent touches to the side edge, plus screen protector makers won't be having as hard of a time getting their wares on top without losing touch sensitivity at the edges, or introducing halo if their adhesive is applied on the whole protector. 

So, long story short, if these leaked factory CADs hold water in the end, the S9 might keep its stellar screen-to-body ratio by means of slightly thinner top and bottom bezels, but the side ones will be thicker than on the S8, and the edge screen slope less pronounced.

source: Steve Hemmerstoffer (@onleaks)

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