Galaxy S6 edge versus iPhone 6 user comparison results: Samsung edges Apple out

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Galaxy S6 edge versus iPhone 6 user comparison results: Samsung edges Apple out

The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge or the Apple iPhone 6 - which one is a better smartphone? We asked, and you told us loud and clear! It looks like the S6 edge's accomplishments in design, display quality, user interface and camera capabilities managed to steal even the mighty iPhone 6's thunder, as Samsung's curved screen flagship ranked first across all four categories. 

That's not surprising, though, considering the S6 edge performs just as good as it sounds on paper! The premium build, the excellent display, the toned down TouchWiz and the beautifully performing camera all deliver an even better experience than the iPhone 6's already excellent achievements, which we think is quite the compliment!

Nevertheless, here's the breakdown of the results. Out of 20,306 votes in total, 15,318 went to the GS6 edge, and 4988 went to the iPhone 6. Of 5867 design votes, the GS6 edge stole 4426 (75.44%) looks, while the iPhone 6 only got 1441(24.56%). Moving onto the display (4864 votes), the one (three?) on the GS6 edge landed 4143 votes (85.18%), leaving a mere 721 votes (14.82%) to the iPhone 6's fine 4.7-incher. 

As for the interface and user experience (4774 votes), it looks like TouchWiz (3191 votes, 66.84%) has what it takes to surpass iOS 8's smooth operations (1583 votes, 33.16%) in the hearts of our readers; and finally, the camera poll generated 4802 votes, with 3558 (74.09%) going to the GS6 edge and 1244 (25.91%) left for the Apple iPhone 6. 

Boy, the GS6 edge didn't give the iPhone 6 a chance, did it? Well, to be honest, we'll have to compare Apple and Samsung's quarterly revenue reports to get to the proper conclusion. But by the looks of it, the GS6 and GS6 edge are enjoying a fantastic reception!


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