Galaxy S5's launch weekend US sales share beats the iPhone 5s, we find that Samsung is big in Texas

Samsung Galaxy S5 Launch Stats
We already know that the new Galaxy S5 is selling well in Samsung's home turf of South Korea, but what about the all-important North American market? Grace to iQmetrix, we now have the first sales analysis for the newly-minted Galaxy S5 in the US and Canada.

The S5 was launched on April 11th worldwide, including on American carriers, and iQmetrix has provided the svelte infographic below, which visualizes the launch weekend stats for the S5 and the iPhone 5s. It also shows the drop in Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 sales on the run-up to their successors' release. The retail management software company did its research by gathering data from the 12,000+ wireless store locations its RQ system is installed in, so the results are pretty representative.

It turns out that during the launch weekend the Galaxy S5 sales have corralled a quarter of the total phone sales in the US, compared to 18% for the iPhone 5s during its own release weekend period. Not bad at all, but the new bit for us was that sales of Samsung's finest are big in the southern states, where the S5 took home the whopping 40% of the total. We know that Samsung has its own huge factory in Texas, and also that California is a stronghold of Apple, but the South's stats are still quite intriguing.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Launch Sales
An Infographic by the Team at iQmetrix POS Software

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