Galaxy Note 9 dissection reveals the internals of its cooling system

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Galaxy Note 9 dissection reveals the internals of its cooling system
The Note 9 is a powerhouse of a smartphone and one of the features Samsung was boasting about was its “water carbon cooling system”. Of course, once smartphone enthusiasts got their hands on the actual device, it was just a matter of time before the exact composition of the cooling system was revealed.

Days before the Galaxy Note 9 will be officially available on the market, JerryRigEverything, the popular YouTube channel for tech teardowns, already pried open the $1000 device. In his usual style, the host didn’t hesitate to sacrifice the functionality of the smartphone in the name of science and once he got to the copper cooling system, tore right through it, looking for the infamous carbon and water that should be inside.

You can check the results for yourself in the video below (the heatsink part starts at around 5:20), but if you want the gist of it, it’s this: there probably is a tiny amount of water within the cooling solution, but it evaporates as soon as its exposed to the atmosphere. The vacuumed copper tube is filled with ultrathin copper wires that allow the water to move between hot and cold areas of the cooling system.

As for carbon, there isn’t any that could be seen with a naked eye, at least not within the copper tubing. To be fair, Samsung hasn’t specified exactly where carbon is contributing or how much.

With or without carbon, the Note 9’s cooling is a big improvement over its predecessor and should be able to keep your hands comfortable.

source: JerryRigEverything via Slashgear


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