Galaxy Nexus gets Jelly Bean Transformation Pack

Galaxy Nexus gets Jelly Bean Transformation Pack
Just in case you can't wait the week or two that's left until the real Android 4.2 Jelly Bean update gets pushed out to existing Nexus devices, the XDA developer crew has just the thing for you. If you've got a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, you can now download a Jelly Bean Transformation Pack, which adds a number of the cool new features of 4.2 to your existing ROM.

The Transformation Pack comes in the form of a flashable ZIP, and will add: 

  • Camera with PhotoSphere
  • Gallery
  • Stopwatch/Clock
  • Nexus 4 Sounds
  • App Install (Phonesky.apk)
  • Launcher With Wallpapers
  • Gmail
  • Google Ears
  • Nexus 4 Lockscreen
  • Android 4.2 Google Now and Play Store

That's a pretty solid set of features, of course not all are exactly new. Google Ears does exist in Android 4.1, it just isn't a standalone app. In Android 4.1, it's just a widget. Still, it would be cool to get the new sideload malware scanner that's part of Google Play, and the pinch to zoom in Gmail. Of course, given that the Nexus 4 is launching in less than a week, we'd assume the Android 4.2 update will come to Nexus devices soon enough, so this option is really only for the obsessive fiddlers. 

As always, flash the ZIP only if you have a rooted Galaxy Nexus and are comfortable with ClockworkMod Recovery, and the possibility that you could bork your phone if you do something wrong. 

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