GDR 2 update for Windows Phone 8 to bundle OEM and OS updates

GDR 2 update for Windows Phone 8 to bundle OEM and OS updates
We don't know a lot about the GDR 2 update that is coming soon to Windows Phone 8. We've heard that quad-core processor support will be coming with the GDR 3 update, but all we have learned so far with GDR 2 is that it will be bringing CalDAV and CardDAV support for Google accounts. A new report is saying it will also help unify Windows Phone updates by bundling OEM and OS updates.

Previously on Windows Phone, OS updates would roll out to devices separately from OEM fixes, which tended to cause problems because the timing wasn't always organized properly, which would mean that the OEM fixes would come first, but users wouldn't be able to install them, because they required the OS updates. Now, Microsoft is going to send the OS updates to the OEMs, who will customize and add device specific fixes to the bundle before pushing the update to users. 

This is actually how updates worked back in the days of Windows Mobile. It may cause a bit of a delay in updates, but since the amount of OEM customization allowed is limited, the delays shouldn't be that noticeable. 

source: WPDang via WMPU


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