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Funny comic reveals what your smartphone says about you

Funny comic reveals what your smartphone says about you
We were a little hesitant to post this, as it just might set off a fanboy world war, but it's just too funny to resist. While these images are obviously sweeping generalizations, we definitely felt like there were grains of truth.

C-Section Comics, which publishes this and other assorted hilarity, has taken an impressively impartial approach. While the comic is funny, we're most impressed by the fact that no one OS really got the brunt of the criticism. But fanboys of each category will obviously disagree.

A couple questions: Is the iPhone user (in the eyes of Android users) a witch? Or is she a member of a Steve Jobs cult? Either way, ouch. And what about the Android user (in the eyes of BlackBerry users); is the pizza delivery boy a reference to age, or socioeconomic status?

Feel free to fight it out in the comments below!

source: C-Section Comics via BlackBerryOS


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