Froyo's JavaScript performance blows away iOS4

Froyo's JavaScript performance blows away iOS4
For those Android 2.1 users just waiting patiently for the Froyo update, hearing about how wonderful Android 2.2 is can only make it harder to sustain your patience without going crazy. Based on benchmark tests using V8 and SunSpider, the Android 2.2 version of JavaScript is three times faster than the speed seen on 2.1. With the SunSpider tests, the JavaScript speed was twice as fast as that seen on the iOS4. Using V8, the difference was even greater with Android 2.2 getting a score indicating a speed four times greater than the iOS4. Much of the greater performance in Android 2.2 is due to the JIT compiler which performs a large number of optimizations that allows Android to run quicker and more efficiently than on other builds. Some Nexus One users, already using Froyo, have commented on the faster rendering of web pages with JavaScript. Just another reason for those holding Android phones expecting the 2.2 upgrade to have to strain very hard to remain calm until it finally comes.

source: Android Authority



7. chaosnightmare

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3. warhed

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Nice! Already have 2.2 on moto droid, running bugless beast v0.4, droid x theme, overclocked 1.1Ghz low voltage. Smooth lil monster!

4. jherz6

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Where did you get 2.2


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He hacked and overclocked his phone.

2. Chakra

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That's cool!!

1. ace1122

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Hell yeah!

5. PapaJay224

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I know it was imenent that 1ghz processors would come out, but the damnd for them wasnt ever really there, it sounds like with Froyo, you arent really going to need all that juice....

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