French man gets QR code tattooed to his body

French man gets QR code tattooed to his body
A French man named Marco has taken the idea of a moving billboard to another level by allowing his chest to be tattooed with a QR code that links to an animated cartoon. In exchange for money, Marco allowed the entire process to be webcast live over the web site of Ballantine's Whiskey.

The art work was done on June 16th at the Mystery Tattoo Club by a famous Paris based tattoo artist, Karl Marc who goes by the name of K.A.R.L. Those watching on the Ballantine Facebook page were able to post suggestions in real time. After he completes the job, Marc puts an Apple iPhone over his client's chest to check the link to what he calls "the first animated tattoo".

We can see some real potential for this. Someone with a chronic illness or disease could have a QR code that links to his medical records and current list of medications. All that a paramedic would need would be a smartphone to quickly get access to an unconscious patient's medical history. Of course, there is the little matter of getting the QR code tattooed to your body, but that doesn't bother anyone, right?

source: CNET



1. avgjoe

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Is this phonearena, or WebMD?

4. whattaloser unregistered just like to complain dont you? im pretty sure if you read this on webMD you would vice versa your statement. pathetic

2. nb2six

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Hitman anyone?

3. AndroidTroll

Posts: 359; Member since: Mar 05, 2011

That was really cool! Too bad they used an iphone tho :(

5. avgjoe

Posts: 15; Member since: Aug 31, 2010

whattaloser....what is your deal? Pathetic? We all have opinions, stop following my posts & being a groupie, chump....get the f**k on.

6. jchdroid

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7. Droid_X_Doug

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The only problem with tattooing medication lists, is that the lists can change. Tattoos are kind of permanent. Maybe a tattoo that can be used to retrieve a medical record which in turn lists the current meds (along with the entire treatment history). That would work. Although you start to get close to using tattoos to identify people, which opens up a can of worms what with how the Nazis used tattoos to identify concentration camp inmates. Interesting idea, though.

8. @M0nkeyBr unregistered

Um QR codes aren't the whole future LOL its kinda said #sorry

10. gsengillo

Posts: 45; Member since: Sep 05, 2010

thats awesome!!!

11. FUNNYHISTORY unregistered

did anyone look at the Paris based tattoo artists name, Karl Marc, and think Karl Marx? haha

12. raidgd unregistered

that is f**kin kick ass i want one of those

13. Eric unregistered

And the New World Order wins lol

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