Free iOS app Orient lets you take aligned photos from impossible angles

Orient - The Self Aligning Camera is anow-free, $0.99-later auto-aligning camera app for iOS devices. Whatthis neat piece of software does is take nearly perfect-centeredphotos even if you've skewed your device to the awkwardest anglepossible. 

Orient relies on the inbuilt gyroscope to calculate the rightcamera angle. Orient is indeed capable of sparing you the moment ittakes to position the device as to take an even photo. This quicknesswill serve you especially well in situations that leave you no timefor proper composition.

The app is currently free and has no adsor additional purchases. It's not as elaborate as other cameraaligning apps out there, but it offers more than enough options tosatisfy a regular user, especially for its low price. It has asimple, elegant interface. It can be used with both the front andrear camera, which means quality selfies! There's a selection of ninedifferent aspect ratios in addition to the usual choice of Instagram-likefilters.

Camera-alignment apps like Orient areso intelligent that we can't help but wonder why device manufacturersdon't include such functionality by default.

Download Orient: iOS

via AppCraver


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