Foursquare is planning to give its mobile apps a big makeover very soon

Foursquare is planning to give its mobile apps a big makeover very soon
It’s really funny how some things strive in a cold and bleak world. Sometimes, things are given short lives by the industry, but then again, there are those surprises that somehow make us scratch our heads and wonder. Well folks, we can honestly say that Foursquare is seemingly one of those things that continue to prove everyone wrong, as they’re beating alive against the horde of stiff competition.

Previously, some mentioned seeing its demise when Facebook decided to aggressively pursue its own location check-in service, but even through that, Foursquare has managed to stay put and grow. Well folks, now that it’s an established powerhouse, they’re aiming to reinvent themselves again after teasing on Twitter that an all-new Foursquare is coming soon.

From the looks of it all, its mobile apps will be seeing a major makeover very soon that will take things to the next level for its users. In addition to allowing its users to share their favorite check-in spots, it looks like we’ll be seeing more and better recommendations with the upcoming update. Although Foursquare’s plans aren’t explicitly known, the major update will be focusing on spotting popular destinations and other attractive location pages.

So far, there’s no timeline on when we’ll be seeing this update or whether it’ll be arriving simultaneously on all of its various mobile apps. In any event, there’s a lot to look forward to if you happen to be a religious Foursquare user!

source: Foursquare via Engadget

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