Florida launches "Death by Cell Phone" billboards

Florida launches "Death by Cell Phone" billboards
During those long mornings on your commute to work, you might pull up to a red light and notice the driver next to you either texting or talking away on their cell phone. You may have that urge in your mind to tell them to knock it off because it can be a distraction and end up causing an accident. Residents in Florida are going to see some new billboards that will point out the horrors and consequences of doing such an act. The “Death by Cell Phone” campaign is being headed by the National Safety Council. It features 61 year old Linda from Oklahoma and 12 year old Joe from Michigan who both suffered the same fate – killed in severe crashes involving drivers using cell phones. It's aimed to really make drivers consider and aware about the results of what can occur when using their phone while operating a vehicle. The billboards are expected to be seen by over 56,000 people in Florida; where it hopes to make a profound impact.

source: NSC via News-Press

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