Fleksy brings iOS SDK out of private beta, now can be scaled

Fleksy brings iOS SDK out of private beta, now can be scaled
Fleksy is a unique alternative keyboard that brings predictive typing to a whole new level. It is particularly well suited for the visually impaired, but it is helpful for just about anyone.

Fleksy is well suited for those that just do not type well on a touch screen too. It text predictive engine is extremely powerful, and it is lends itself to allow typing even if the user is not looking at the screen while typing.

Part of that usefulness is a simpler, but larger layout for the user interface if one so chooses.  The UI has some pretty neat adjustments. Fleksy is available on iOS and Android, including Galaxy Gear and other smartwatches. On iOS however, it was not ubiquitous across all functions or accessible to all apps to use.

That changes today, as Fleksy has made its software development kit (SDK) available for free to developers that want their applications to be able to harness the power of this keyboard and all its features. This is a big deal because part of Fleksy’s functionality features an invisible keyboard, enabling the user to see more of their screen.  One can see immediately how a developer might see value in such a proposition.

Another reason why this is a big deal is because it opens up a traditionally closed segment in the iOS ecosystem to developers. That the SDK is free for them to use in their apps should help Fleksy see a wider presence across iOS.

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