Flash memory breakthrough results in 14x faster writes, cheaper phone storage

The read/write performance of current phone flash memory storage is not very efficient, as numerous frequent recordings in large batches lead to slowdown and deterioration over time, as any handset owner can attest after a few months of usage. Korean researchers from the Computer Science and Engineering at Hanyang University led by Professor Won You-jip, have developed the so-called Write Ahead Logging Direct IO (WALDIO) method.

It records information only when necessary, and in much smaller batches, at the same time avoiding duplicate recordings by the mobile OS. This gentle use will not only allow cheaper flash storage to be used with the same effect as more expensive one, but it can also extend the lifespan of said storage by up to 39%, the team discovered.

Perhaps the best advantage of WALDIO, however, is that it prevents the slowdown that numerous unnecessary record/erase cycles result in with the current technology. Without those frequent interruptions gumming up the works, the researchers recorded up to 14x increase in speed, which for phones with embedded battery (i.e. most flagships and even midrangers now), can reach up to 20x. The researchers are currently presenting their results at the USENIX conference in Santa Clara, California, and hopefully we will be able to see the tech implemented in handsets soon.

source: YonhapNews


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