Fennec to come to Symbian S60 phones

Fennec to come to Symbian S60 phones
You have heard of Fennec, right? No, not of the small nocturnal fox that lives in Sahara. We talk about Mozilla’s browser for mobile devices. A few months ago, the alpha version of the program was released, and it was stated that it’ll be developed for Windows Mobile and Linux. Recently, Mozilla announced, that they’re going to add Symbian to their plans as well.

The main reason for this, as it was stated in Christian Sejersen’s blog (Mozilla Director of Mobile Engineering), is the large market share of Symbian smartphones (about half of the whole smartphones market). Moreover, the organization, standing behind the platform, has given a hand to Mozilla and both companies have made a deal in order to develop a browser, compatible with S60. Sejersen mentions, that some companies, currently developing Symbian applications have shown interest in collaboration. The bad news is that because of technical or license reasons, Fennec won’t be available for Apple, RIM and Android devices. The good news is that if everything works as planned, the application will be demonstrated, running on Symbian at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. According to the same plans the browser should be ready to open full pages by the end of April, 2009, when advanced testing will begin. In other words, we’ll have to wait a lot before we see it on the screens of our phones.

via: softpedia

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