Feel the Windows Phone 7 fever in the AT&T stores

Feel the Windows Phone 7 fever in the AT&T stores
AT&T is warming up for November 8th – the D-Day for two of their Windows Phone 7 handsets –  decorating one of the walls of their stores in the themed colors of Microsoft's new OS. That's just to set the tone for the fast-approaching November 8th, because  every time you enter an AT&T store, you'll feel the Windows-fever in the air.

That's certain to create an extra buzz around the place with November 8th knocking on the door, although there is no doubt that AT&T subscribers who are at the same time Windows Phone 7 lovers are already counting the days until Samsung Focus and HTC Surround are released.

All this sounds a little bit like the mobile version of Love Actually, only without the song. And to feel it in the air, just check out the photos below.

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3. Andre Sobreiro unregistered

If HTC builds side out speakers phones is becouse there´s a demand for that. Believe, they wouldn´t spend time & money with something without money back perispective. I´m from Brazil, unfurtantly wp7 devices wont arrive here soon, but when it arrives they gonna be on every carrier. I really dont undestand this kind of battle between the carries. Seens like you choose a carrier for the available devices. Here we dont have this problem. All phones sold in Brazil is unlocked, and its a low. The carriers´s balltle is about better prices & plans only. My wp7 device is gonna be the HTC Trophy 7, since it seems to be the better benefit/price relation phone. hope it arrive here at least before the end of the year.

2. hefavitzen

Posts: 8; Member since: Feb 01, 2008

Seriously, AT&T got left behind by the other carriers hardware offerings. Who wants a phone with slide out speakers? Really? Who thought that was a good idea? T-Mobile gets the best phones? WOW Sprint has been one-upping ATT for a while now on HTC phones and does it once again. Please AT&T. Please bring a Phone7 to market that has some nice screen realestate and isn't cheap feeling!

1. Phullofphil

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