Feedly Pro now open to all, and free version gets Pocket integration and HTTPS support

Feedly Pro now open to all, and free version gets Pocket integration and HTTPS support
Earlier this month, Feedly unveiled its plans to financially support its product with Feedly Pro, a premium tier which would offer extra features for $5 per month. Today, Feedly Pro has been opened up to everyone, and in an odd move, the premium tier has actually lost a couple features to the free tier making the value of the premium tier even shakier than it already was.

When Feedly Pro first popped up, we were skeptical of the value offered because the premium tier had two useful features: feed search and Evernote integration; one feature that should have been free: HTTPS support; and one that made no sense: premium support. Luckily, Feedly seems to have heard some of our concern and has made HTTPS support standard, and it has also added Pocket support. 

The premium tier does now also offer one-click Pocket support, which could be useful for those who use Pocket and don't want to deal with the two-click integration in the free version. Feedly Pro still offers article search (the best feature of the bunch), Evernote integration, and premium support (which still makes no sense to us). 

If you want to support Feedly, Pro will cost you $5 per month or $45 per year. 


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