Faulty screen causes T-Mobile to suspend sales of Nokia 5610 XpressMusic

Faulty screen causes T-Mobile to suspend sales of Nokia 5610 XpressMusic
A phone that doesn't have a properly working screen doesn't function too well, now does it?  Though an initial rumor claimed that T-Mobile was permanently discontinuing the phone, that's not exactly true - the company is simply suspending sales of the device based on a "defective component" in the screen, creating the potential of a blank LED screen.  Below is the official press release:

T-Mobile has temporarily discontinued sales of the Nokia 5610XpressMusic to address a defective component in some units that maycause the LED display to go blank. Although we believe the issue to belimited to a very small percentage of devices, T-Mobile and Nokia arecommitted to providing the best customer experience, which is why weare temporarily suspending sales of the device until Nokia has resolvedthe issue. If a customer has purchased a Nokia 5610 XpressMusic and isexperiencing issues with their device, they should contact T-MobileCustomer Care or visit a T-Mobile retail store, to discuss availableoptions.

T-Mobile says you can come down to the store to "discuss availableoptions," but we say keep it - that white LED screen would make a killer flashlight.

source: T-Mobile via Gizmodo



1. unregistered

lmao never happen on VZW, we actually inspect the phones before selling them. heck you could buy a g1.....oh thats right, they have fatal flaws as well. sux to be anyone but a VZW customer now a days.

4. doitall76 unregistered

You, sir, are an idiot. I have Verizon, I like Verizon, but roll over and get off your own d#$k. Post # 3 killed your point. Noone apprecate a smug idiot. Doitall76

7. unregistered

Really? I guess a phone (any phone) that has a VZW logo automatically becomes perfect. (That's sarcasm, if you didn't get it...) What about the Glyde then?

9. Jyakotu unregistered

Yeah, I guess that's why when I asked a VZW sales rep for a Samsung Glyde, he always asks if I'd like to reconsider to get a different phone. STFU VZW fanboy! What is with VZW customers in this day and age? I didn't know majority of them were such carrier fanboys.

2. T Mo Bro unregistered

wow that sux i wantz diz phone. seriously i get sik of every1 getting cool phones. i got dat android and returned it, thing was whack and fugly. gonna cop dat storm if momz switchz

3. unregistered

O is that why vrz is discontinuing the glyde?? They are because of a faulty touch screen. So ha

5. unregistered

Vzw isn't discontinuing the glyde......

6. unregistered

See this article dated Nov 1 on this web site: EngadgetMobile is reporting that a Verizon Customer Call Center has received information about the Samsung Glyde being pulled from store shelves. The "issue", as its worded, is not defined, but makes us wonder if it has to do with the problems related to the touch-screen. If you are experiencing problems with your Glyde, or it is currently in for service, they will exchange it for an enV2, or another similar-priced phone at the managers discretion. However, one employee in the know reported on HowardForums that this is only related to the Mid-West market, saying that it was a switching issue between some Glydes and switching equipment used in the Midwest. *UPDATE* We received word from Samsung PR stating that, according to them, the Glyde is still for sale in all areas of the US. However, in contradiction, our Verizon insider (VZW E) said that he was told by Quality Assurance "the Glyde was not pulled for switching problems after all it was pulled strictly as an executive decision due to its high return rates and complaints from customers." Keep in mind that each region has their own executives to decide which devices to stop selling if there are customer complaints. The samsung glyde is still being displayed in my local vzw store in the mall, but if I ask a sales guy for one, I get "we're temporarily out of those... would you like to consider a different phone?" So yeah guess you're right, they haven't pulled it, it's just not available.....

8. tflex

Posts: 146; Member since: Oct 24, 2008

verizon customers think their network is flawless...

10. unregistered

yea verizon is great....if you like using outdated technology the truth is that CDMA is obsolete in most parts of the civilized world and is therefore doomed.Most of the world(Europe included) use GSM phones as the standard. So is doesnt matter is VZW is good or not its going to fail in the end so stop hating on the companies that will not fail

11. JK unregistered

nokia 5610 is toooooooooo bad i have complaint from the day which i buy pls dont buy this phone

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