Faster browsing on your BlackBerry?

Faster browsing on your BlackBerry?
Tired of watching all of those comparison videos where phones show off the speed of their browsers, and watching time and time again as your BlackBerry device finishes dead last? That might be changing soon, thanks to a patent filed by RIM. The patent is entitled "SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ENHANCING NETWORK BROWSING SPEED BY SETTING A PROXY SERVER ON A HANDHELD DEVICE". The patent explains why current mobile browsing is slow. Because the data is sent to the device uncompressed, it creates traffic and slows up browsing speed. Also, the browser must make multiple requests, going back and forth before a single page is even displayed.

RIM's patent allows for the creation of a Proxy Server on the handset that allows the data to be compressed before it is sent out through the internet. This will speed up the browsing experience for BlackBerry owners. The entire process is written out like this, "A system for enhancing network-browsing speed by setting a proxyserver on a handheld device comprises a browser for sending a requestfor requesting a message from a website and receiving a response inresponse to the request, a proxy server for transcoding and compressingthe request, and transcoding and decompressing the response includingthe requested message in response to the request, a wireless networkcommunicably linked to the proxy server, Mobile Data Service (MDS)gateway for transcoding and decompressing the request, and transcodingand compressing the response including the requested message from thewebsite." We don't know when-or even if-RIM plans on adding this process to its handsets. But for now, just remember that nice guys finish last.

source: GoRumors


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