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Family Guy Photobomb lets you stick Peter Griffin's chin next to yours


Can't think of anything interesting toadd to your selfies lately? Don't hurry to the plastic surgeon'soffice just yet. Instead, get 99centbrains's Family Guy Photobombapp. It lets you put Peter Griffin's spectacular chin next to yourpretty face. Isn't this fantastic enough? Of course, if you'd ratherpresent yourself with his awkward daughter Meghan, the series' chiefcanine protagonist Brian, or someone else from the Griffins and theirbright neighbors, do so at will. You might have to pay, though.

The app is modeled after 2013's verysuccessful Snoop Dogg-powered Snoopify, which is made by the samedevelopers, by the way. If you toyed with it, then you already knowthat the fun doesn't come for free. The app has 10 pages with"stickers" which you can add to your photos, but you getonly one with the free download, and the rest cost $0.99 each. Still,this won't completely break your bank, unlike Snoopify's famous $99Golden Jay.

Currently, Family Guy Photobomb is aniOS only happening, but an Android version should be coming soon. Youcan find it in the App Store, along with 99centbrains' apps forartists Major Lazer, Sub Focus, and Duck Sauce. Later this year,publisher TinyCo should finally grace us with the official Family Guymobile game. For all we know, its developers intend to make it "feellike you're playing the show".

Download: iOS

via TheGuardian

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