Fake "proprietary screw" experiment shows how easy it is to hoodwink the Apple blogosphere

Fake "proprietary screw" experiment shows how easy it is to hoodwink the Apple blogosphere
By now it is an everyday phenomenon that each small step Apple takes or doesn't take - from trivial patent filings to the type of trees on the Cupertino campus - is being reported with zealot frenzy by the Apple-dedicated blogs and most every other publication that focuses on the industry.

Last week Lukasz Lindell, a Swedish designer, decided to show just how easy it is to make Apple news out of thin air and bamboozle the reporting community. He created a very convincing, but entirely impractical screw design in his 3D rendering program, shot the picture in an email to himself and took a screenshot to make it look like James Bond work.

He then submitted the report to Reddit, implying in the email body that this is an asymmetric Apple screw that has been in development to keep prying hands off of the iGadgets. Needless to say, in a few hours Apple-dedicated blogs picked on it, and, while at first the story was reported with shreds of doubt about the source, after it hit Facebook comment streams, all critical thinking was lost, and the deep analyses of the implications behind this proprietary asymmetric screw began, until the hoax was revealed by the Swedish designer:

This experiment confirms once again how powerful Apple's viral marketing strategy is - the company rarely issues official statements or touts its products outside of its website, stores and announcements, but each small step it takes creates enough buzz to keep it front and center in the tech news cycle every day of the week.

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