Faceoff on Facebook as AT&T and T-Mobile continue 4G Feud

Faceoff on Facebook as AT&T and T-Mobile continue 4G Feud
Last night, we reported that AT&T had some issues with T-Mobile calling itself America's largest 4G network. The latter has decided to call its HSPA+ network that runs at 21Mbps a 4G network. The former has replied that not only does its HSPA+ pipeline hum along at the same 21Mbps, they cover 40 million more Americans than T-Mobile does. The verbal fisticuffs have started just as T-Mobile has aired new television commercials ripping AT&T, Sprint and the Apple iPhone.

On AT&T's Facebook page today, the mobile operator pulled no punches. "Hey Fans! You may have seen T-Mobile smack talking our network (seriously TMo?) and calling their HSPA+ network "4G" in order to claim they have the largest "4G" network. Not so fast...we have 180 million folks on HSPA+ already...40 million more than they do. They also claim 200 million by year's end but we'll have it to 250 million this month. So their network isn't bigger or faster. Just calling 'em as we see 'em."

T-Mobile replied on their Facebook page. "Hey AT&T-it is easy for us to be proud when we have the 4G network to back it up. We challenge you to show us any data speeds on an AT&T iPhone that can top the speed on the T-Mobile myTouch 4G. But you don't have to take our word for it. Check out these amazing speed tests screenshots from our T-Mobile fans.http://goo.gl/P0wk3"

This is beginning to remind us of an NHL fight where both players have their sweaters up over their heads and are flailing away at nothing. Still, someone could lose an eye if this gets any rougher.

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16. Fuck You All unregistered

i lIve in PR, and T-Mobile Sucks Here, the AT&t Network Work Better than the t-Mobile Lowest unstable 4G Network!

13. skymitch89 unregistered

A bunch of the photos look like they are photoshopped.

12. kill12 unregistered

Hold up. If he would have said anything bout Verizon he would have been a Verizon fan boy. He is right. Not cause ur page taking forever to load does not mean that the speed the every one else. If u going to move to Verizon the go ahead and shut the Fuckup idiot. Both yell stupid ass need to do some research and see who have the fastest damn network. If u don't have T-Mobile and don't plan on switch to them just shut the fuckup. I have Verizon and my parent have att and the page load faster then me. U ever think about the phone u have with the out date OS.. you the type the suck Verizon but could never afford to leave att. From Whatever your saying you just got ur contract cause u have the xperia so just stick ur stupid with att. There we better then T-Mobile and don't bring that stupid shit to Verizon cause u going to be talking the same stupid shit. Verizon have better coverage not faster speed. Att and T-Mobile faster then Verizon stupid ass.

11. omarc26

Posts: 360; Member since: Dec 05, 2009

I agree with peace dashmi is a typical at&t fan... Yes dashmi google takes over 3 fucking minutes to load with 5 bars of 3G yahoo ,myspace,facebook cnet,phonedog,phonearena,tmonews take even longer to load sometimes even up to 8 minutes and no i am NOT planning to switch to t-mobile yes it may have a faster network and pure android phones but still not intrested in them im going to verizon so yeaaaaaaa...fuckkkkk u!

9. dashmi unregistered

OK I'm tired of people talking shit the don't know. How is T-Mobile network compare to att. This Guy have the nerves to say that Google take three minutes to load on att in LA. Wow man. How about you switch to T-Mobile and tell me how that work. Hspa+ is not 4G and is not even close. That's what the arguement is about. Att don't have any hspa+ phone and the still have more people cover in it the T-Mobile. Who is the idiot that said T-Mobile do more Work on the network and have a better line up phone then att. Damn do some research Buford u run your mouth. All T-Mobile have in there line up is android. How does that make it the best line up.

10. Peace unregistered

^ Typical ATT fan....I guess you have to do some research as well!!!!!

15. PHONE FREAK unregistered

Sprint DOESNT have 4G its not even close. BUT WHO CARES!

8. randrom dude unregistered

In either case T-Mobile calling hspa+ 4G makes me laugh on the inside..

14. PHONE FREAK unregistered

Sprint calling their WiMax network 4G Makes ME laugh! No it is NOT 4G!

7. remixfa

Posts: 14605; Member since: Dec 19, 2008

like normal ATT is full of misleading double talk. They may "cover" more americans but its not hspa+ coverage... its EDGE. They may have "hspa+", but has anyone found it? ATT wouldnt know how to honestly advertise their network if their life depended on it. They are the worst of the big 4. Tmoble never said they were the largest network in america, but where they are at they beat ATT by far. They cover pretty much all but the most rural areas now so for most americans, its solid coverage.

6. ant unregistered

Well being a tmobile and att customer in my area, att 3g coverage is better BUT I've done several speed test and tmobile's 3g is much faster and they have better a lineup up devices hands down. And they r constantly working to improve their network...

4. BigBillyJr unregistered

T-Mobile doesn't really cover rural redneck america. Most of the civil people live in cities anyway.

5. BigBillyJr unregistered

I'm not saying T-Mobile is bad either. I use T-Mobile and I'm extremely satisfied with their HSPA+ coverage in the Seattle area. I get over 4Mbps consistently on my Nexus One.

2. baldilocks

Posts: 1555; Member since: Dec 14, 2008

T-Mobile doesn't even HAVE a Network near me, nor in a lot of places I visit. T-Mobile is a non player as far as I am concerned.

1. omarc26

Posts: 360; Member since: Dec 05, 2009

at&t has hspa+? Were???!!!!!! Cuz there network is the slowest i have ever seen i had all the companies and by far att was the worst again at&t is pissed off cuz someone has a better network than they do me being an at&t customer have just about had it with at&t's shitty network. There network is nothing but shit! I have the sony ericsson experia my girlfriend has the iphone 4 , my sister has the samsung captivate , my brother has the motorola backflip and were all going to cancel our service cuz were all tired of it its frustating that it takes 3 minutes to load google.com with 5 bars of service seriously there 3G network is so fucked up half of the time it doesnt work and the phone drops down to edge in the middle of the city when ur outside i live in La and there network is nothing but problems i just got back from seattle and same problems over there my friends virgin mobile phone is faster at loading web pages one thing i have noticed that when the phone is unusable of 3G it drops down to edge were it works fine and its not fair when ur in a 3G area im proud of t-mobile for making those commercial were it talks shit about at&ts pathetic network and how u cant make video calls over it i could only imagine if at&t did allow video calling over 3G that would destroy there crappy network ...

3. baldilocks

Posts: 1555; Member since: Dec 14, 2008

Nothing wrong with AT&T's network. I have not once had a problem with it. At least they HAVE a network in most rural areas. The same can't be said for 2nd rate T-Mobile.

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