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Facebook may launch a music streaming service of its own

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Facebook may launch a music streaming service of its own
Well, that didn't take long - everyone's favorite social network is apparently meeting major labels about "getting into music." Facebook has reportedly sat down with execs from Sony, Universal and Warner - the who-is-who of tune distributors - for preliminary testing of the music industry waters.

Now, whether this will result in yet another streaming service, after every major Silicon Valley name chipped in (last with Apple Music), remains to be seen, but the sources claim that even Facebook hasn't decided yet how to format its newly found interest in music serving. The social network already started diversifying recently, by divesting the Messenger chat app from the requirement to have a Facebook account associated with it, and introducing a platform for sponsored video content. 

A streaming music service might be the logical next step, given that for a lot of people Facebook or the Messenger chat app are always in the background, either on their computers, or on their mobile devices. What do you think, do we need another music streamer, this time from Facebook?

source: TheVerge


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