Facebook has 1 billion active users, 60% used mobile

Facebook has 1 billion active users, 60% used mobile
Facebook is a beast of a site, and we all knew this moment was coming. Facebook has finally hit 1 billion "active users" on the site. That means that according to Facebook statistics, that means that 1 out of every 7 people on the planet use the site each month. Even more impressive is that over half of those users are on mobile.

According to the new stats released by Facebook, the breakdown of users hasn't changed too much recently, despite breaking the 1 billion active monthly user mark. 81% of active users are still located outside of the U.S. & Canada, and the site still sees the same number of active daily users at 552 million. 

The big news from our perspective wasn't the 1 billion mark, but that 60% of those users accessed Facebook through a mobile product. That's 600 million active monthly users on mobile. Given a number like that, it makes plenty of sense that Zuck had said a couple days ago that Facebook sees more users accessing the mobile website than through the iOS and Android apps combined. 

Sure, we don't exactly know how many of the 1 billion active monthly users are spam accounts, some estimates put the number at around 40%, but it's still an impressive feat for the social network. 

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