Facebook Portal now has its own Android app to manage photos and videos

Facebook Portal now has its own Android app to manage photos and videos
If you feel that you don't have enough Facebook in your life, you're free to buy the company's new smart display – Portal. Unlike Amazon and Google, Facebook had developed Portal with video calling in mind, so that's pretty what you'll probably want to do most of the time with it.

The Portal, in case you didn't know, offers Facebook users with a new way to video chat with their friends. If you don't like texting through Messenger too much and rather talk to your friends, Facebook Portal is the perfect device for it.

And now that Facebook has decided to launch a Portal standalone Android app, you'll now be able to better manage photos and videos that you want to store on the smart speaker. Having the app installed on the phone will allow users to send photos directly to the Portal's Superframe.

Also, you can use the Portal app to call the smart speaker in your home and talk to household members. Or, you can add people in your home to your Portal so that they can use the smart speaker with their own Facebook accounts.

It's a nifty app that makes it easier to take advantage of Facebook's smart speaker by adding new functionality to the device. The Portal app has already been listed in the Google Play Store and you can download it for free.

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